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Signaxo is leading brand, which provides latest technology Mobile Signal Booster/Repeaters and their accessories to enhance your mobile signals at your office area, shops, home, Basement, Hotel, Countryside, Industries, Banks etc.

In Pan India like metropolitan city, small towns and villages mobile phone users are increasing because of that the mobile signal frequency is becoming low. In this case people are facing an issue related to call drop, voice breaking, Data stability etc. Therefore, Signaxo is here to provide you high quality Mobile Signal Repeaters to boost your mobile network signals at your desired place so that you can connect with your loved ones anytime without any network problem.

COVERAGE: Signaxo boosters covers from 1600 Sq. ft. to 4000 Sq. ft. Area depending on Booster model. Indoor coverage area will vary based on available outdoor signal strength and floor map obstacles.

ALL IN ONE: Signaxo Booster supports all 2G 3G 4G/LTE networks of all operators PAN India to provide better voice and fast data speed while you browse the internet or talk on the phone. No need to worry about the audio, video call or internet performance.

STOP DROPPED CALLS: Use for peace of mind while on important business calls and while speaking to loved ones. The Signaxo Cellphone Signal Boosters simply amplifies your existing signal to give you more bars, so say goodbye to drop calls.

FAST DATA SPEED: Reliable cell phone signals and more consistent data speed, faster data upload and download. Reduce radiation and increase battery life, up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas.

SUPPORTS MULTIPLE USERS and DEVICES: Experience the fastest network speed with Signaxo Mobile Signal Boosters that extends your service range up to 60% faster than other boosters can. Signaxo network boosters can support multiple phones and devices, allowing you and all your companions to experience increased signal strength for voice calling and Internet Data at the same time with multiple users.

Whether you need any mobile network, there are great advantages of using mobile signal boosters to solve the problem of connectivity.

  • Easily installed and can be used: You can easily install this in your home, which will work to consolidate the weak mobile signal and it provides all mobile networks, whether any network is used within your home. There is no need to install more than one repeater.
  • Strong Signals: Weak mobile signals are very painful, especially for those who work in the office or in the house, which require a stronger signal for voice coll. Many building materials such as concrete roofing basement prevent cellular signals and due to bad weather, call clearness can be weak. Mobile Signal Repeater corrects call connectivity by strengthening signal by installing signal repeater inside your home to overcome these obstacles.
  • You Can Boost any Network: We have a tri-band signal booster with all Indian frequencies, which supports all the networks. Consequently, if there is a need to strengthen signal inside your home or office, where is a different type of network user, it is a great product.
  • Battery Life: When your mobile is searching for a signal in the auto connected mode, the battery decreases rapidly. A repeater that strengthens the signal, due to your mobile network will remain stable and your battery life will be good.
  • Uninterrupted Browsing: Nowadays people rely heavily on mobile, because whole world news is found on the mobile. Even so, their daily activities such as football soccer, cricket match scores, e-mail checking somewhere, do all the work on mobile. Consequently, weaker mobile signals can create constraints for them. Weak mobile signals always separate from the digital world. Mobile Network Booster strengthens the signal to wait for the buffer of web pages to obtain the required information.
  • Faster Uploads and Downloads: A strong signal is needed to watch videos online on YouTube. Our signal repeater improves the speed of your network download uploads both, so you can easily browse the video on mobile and enjoy the video.


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