In our daily life mobile phone is a biggest requirement. We need mobile phone to make calls to our friends, family, business partners.

There are certain areas where we face problem related to call drops, phone number not reachable, cell phone not receiving signals etc. The basic reason is that either the place is too far from the base station or the other reason is that the place is situated in basement, congested areas & remote areas where network connectivity is low.

In order to get proper signals signal booster is required. It is network enhancer that transmits the signals from base station to mobile phones.

Mobile Signal Booster consists of:

Outdoor antenna, Indoor antenna, Coaxial cables for outer and inner antenna, Power supply adaptor, Mobile signal Booster etc.

The outer antenna adapts the signals from the base station & transmits the signals to the cell phone with the help of Coaxial Cable connected with the BTS port and Mobile port of the mobile signal booster. When the signal is received by the mobile signal booster then mobile signal booster boosts the signals with the help of inner antenna connected with the Mobile port through Coaxial Cable.

How many mobile and connections can support a mobile signal booster at the same time?

The number of subscribers is not limited i.e. it can support as many mobile phones at the same time within that range.

How do I know which Mobile signal booster is best for me?

Mobile signal booster models differentiate in area coverage and quality. Please click on the products tab and you can find huge range of signal boosters as per your requirement. If you have any further question regarding the product you can also call us on support number: +91-9811665715.

1. After setting up the Mobile Signal Booster, including antennas and cables we need to switch it on.
2. After setting up the Mobile Signal Booster antenna needs to be set in certain direction. After some time, we need to check the signal strength in our mobile phones for network enhancement.
3. The antenna needs to be set in the direction where signal strength is maximum.
4. We can try rotating the antenna in certain directions according to the signal strength and it needs to be fixed at the place where strength is maximum.
5. Compare the results of signal testing – the closer dB parameter to 0, the better booster performance you get.
6. Fix the antenna in the direction with better signal result.

How to examine the results of signal testing in DB?

The closer dB signal level to 0, the better cell phone reception you’ll get.
-105 to -100 = Bad/drop call
-99 to -90 = Getting bad/signal may break up
-89 to -80 = OK/shouldn’t have problems, but maybe
-79 to -65 = Good
Over -65 = Excellent

Can a mobile signal booster be installed without Technician

Mobile signal booster is easy to install. The first thing we should do is to read the manual when we receive the kit and we can do the setting without the help of engineer if we are not technically qualified also. The information about how to install the kit is also given on the how to install page and you can read that if you face any issues regarding installation you can also call our technical support team on 9811665715 for help.



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