How to Install a Mobile Signal Booster

One of the most common concern or questions that customers have that how to Install mobile signal booster. Is it as easy as DIY (Do it Yourself) to install or it requires an expert technician to install? The Installation of Mobile Signal Booster kit as easy as DIY process. There is no need of any expert technician to Install. SIMPLE STEPS FOR SIGNAL BOOSTER INSTALLATION: Your booster manual provides a nice starting point for your individual installation, but we’re here to help with a step-by-step breakdown all the same. There are five main steps to install a Mobile Signal Booster System:
  • Find the Best Outside Signals: Start by finding the best network signals outside OR at rooftop of your house. Locating the best network signals is the MAIN step of the installation process.
  • Install Outside Antenna: Mount the outside antenna in the area where you have the best signals. Place the antenna as high as possible – ideally on the roof with a mounting pole, although the fascia or gable is acceptable. It’s important that the outside antenna should be on or near the edge of the roof pointing away from the house towards your nearest cell tower.
  • Connect to the Booster Device. Once the outside antenna is mounted, connect the coaxial cable (one will be included with your booster kit) to the outside antenna and run it into your home where you keep your booster device and it should be connected to the power supply. The outer antenna cable needs to be connected with the BTS port (which is on the left side of Booster Device) and inner antenna cable needs to be connected with Mobile port (which is on the right side of the Booster Device).
  • Installation of Inner Antenna. You need to check out that in which area you need the signals most and place the inside antenna either on the wall or on the ceiling in that area. Run the other coaxial cable to the booster device.
  • Power On. Plug in the power supply to the Booster device. The booster device will show you boosted signals and you will see all green lights. You need to check the inside antenna that how much signals you are getting.

Enjoy your boosted signals!

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