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Signaxo IPL Laser Hair Removal Technology

Working Principe
Under the influence of IPL technology, the gentle pulsed light hits the skin and is absorbed by the hair roots. The darker the hair is, the better the absorption of light pulses. Light pulse stimulates the hair follicle to enter a dormant period. Therefore, the hair will naturally fall off, preventing hair regeneration, keep your skin smooth.

Why this hair removal device so popular?
It is permanent, painless hair removal.
It can be used at home, which cheaper than salon, but the effect is as good as salon.

How does this permanent hair removal work?
Its principle is to emit strong pulses, which are absorbed by hair follicles, breaking the hair regeneration cycle. Achieving gentle, effective and permanent hair removal.

Under the illumination of impulse light with specific wave band and pulse width, the melanin in the skin absorbs energy and transfers the transient heat to the follicle. When the hair follicles reach certain temperature,they will enter the dormancy period,which makes the hair stop growing by stages and fall off in the end.The ideal effect can be achieved by using the device for around 8 weeks or more.

  • Professional & Permanent IPL Hair Removal: Allure laser hair removal adopts advanced IPL technology to break the hair cycle regeneration. With regular use, the hair will gradually decrease and achieve permanent hair removal.
  • 990000 Flashes and Five Energy Levels: IPL hair removal comes with 990000 flashes which are enough for a lifelong time. It also has 5 different energy levels to suit different skin. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth speed. Its LCD Display can show the remaining flashes, energy level and flash mode clearly.
  • Auto & Manual Flash Mode: Two flash modes design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts. Manual Mode: Once press round button, once flash, suitable for back, arms and legs. Auto Mode: Long press round button for continuous flash, suitable for bikini line, face and armpits.
  • Safe & Economical At-Home Hair Removal: Hair removal device is gentle, safe, simple and convenient to use. Which means women and men can solve their body hair problem at home and save much cost and time.

NOTE: It is recommended to start from the first gear and gradually increase the gear according to the individual’s adaptability. Please shave the hair before use to make it directly act on the hair follicles. Our products have passed strict inspections, please buy with confidence! CUSTOMER SUPPORT NUMBER: +91 9811665715.

9 reviews for SIGNAXO Allure IPL Laser Hair Remover

  1. Ishika

    Its a great product to use, hair growth vanes over time after significant use!I am happy with the product

  2. Ashi Sharma

    I m using this product since 4 to 5 month and I have seen results. Its Very easy to use and they don’t give any harm and redness to the skin.

  3. Shivani Garg

    I have had earlier experience of laser treatment at a skin clinic They are very costly But this little IPL hair removal by Signaxo is a savior its cost effective and in 4 sittings till now I have seen a remarkable reduction in my hair growth.Thanks to signaxo!

  4. Aarzoo

    Basically, after 2 sessions my cheek hair growth is reduced but my chin hair is very hard and that’s why it took time to Show results on my Chin but after 4 sessions, I saw drastic results in hair growth. I will recommend this device to everyone!

  5. Deepti otwal

    I was very worried to use this device on my bikini area as it’s sensitive area, but it worked well. I didn’t get any irritation and redness there. I am impressed with the product

  6. Vaishnavi

    works really well. good product.

  7. Kavya

    Wow. I was looking for full body laser hair removal Because i am very irritated with that painful waxing Now i finally get the solution for painless hair removal. It is very convenient and easy to use and its pocket friendly:) 🙂

  8. Yogyta

    It’s definitely a genuine product. Parcel was arrived safely. Product works as described. The lowest price I could find any where worth it.

  9. Harshika

    Fantastic, works like a magic, can’t believe my eyes on this one. its very convenient.

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