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Signaxo permanent hair removal comes with intense pulse light (IPL) technology that directly comes in contact with skin to remove unwanted hairs.It uses high intensity light with wavelength range that targets the specific cells in hair follicles. The light converts into heat energy that shrinks the hair follicles and ultimately leads to the reduction of hair.

Armpits like never before

Permanent & Fast
Our hair remover permanently removes hair from underarms making them look clearer, smoother & beautiful than before.
Safety to the Core
Signaxohair removal device has IPL technology that removes hair from roots. The pulsed flash light is super safe & skin friendly.
Safe and Pain free
It comes with 5 intensity level for all but the darkest skin types. It is safe to use home. Just start with the lower intensity level.
Compact Design
This hair removal tool is compact and portable in nature. Apart from using it at home, you can conveniently carry it on vacations or outdoor, due to its lightweight design.
Gentle for the Skin
This device is safe for the skin. So you can now have smooth and soft skin, with no fear of causing it any harm.
  • Gentle and Safe: Our hair removal device is clinically-proven to be safe by experts. Treatments are gentle and virtually painless, especially for first-time users, or use on sensitive areas such as the face or bikini line. No more redness and irritation, it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist recommended. Easy to use at home.
  • Compact Design: LCD display screen clearly shows the energy level and flash modes. The precision head allows you to tackle smaller or trickier areas like the face, bikini, underarms, lips and great for the whole body. Requires no batteries or charging, simply plug in the device and begin treatment.
  • Economical: Compared to the salon hair removal, IPL Laser Hair Removal gives you comfort and painless but effective hair removal experience. A professional IPL treatment system is also suitable for the women and men. Home use IPL hair removal is your economical solution at home, no need spending much money and time on monthly salon appointments.
  • Painless and Permanent Hair Removal: IPL Laser Hair Remover device puts hair follicles to sleep and breaks the cycle of hair regrowth without any pain. The result is permanent hair removal and permanently smooth skin.
  • High Efficiency: A cutting edge skin tone sensor which continuously scans the skin tone and automatically adjusts the light intensity. The ideal amount of light is delivered with every pulse for effective use.

9 reviews for SIGNAXO Blaze IPL Laser Hair Remover

  1. Bhawna

    It’s very easy to use. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives…

  2. Komal

    I used this signaxo IPL laser hair remover and its very good and gentle i am very satisfied with the results…

  3. Reshma

    It’s Very simple and easy to use😊
    My hair growth is reduced in my chin area, hands and arms. It is a painless device that provides tremendous results.
    Nice and money saver product!

  4. Sakshi Dabas

    I have used the product on my face And bikini area as of now, I can see the hair growth has reduced. I am Regularly using it. I am happy with this product.

  5. Alisha Singh

    The Blaze IPL Laser Hair Remover is working great. I really found it pocket friendly as
    in Clinic treatment I used to spend around 20k for maintenance but this is a savior.
    Also, My mom is liking it too, she saw the difference. One should must buy it!


  6. Shivanshi

    I have hairy body, this product worked really well on my skin , since then i have suggested it to all my friends.

  7. Richa

    It Works!
    It definitely works and I’m seeing great progress on my body hair . But keep in mind, it takes a long time and you have to be consistent. Have some patience to see the better result. I would Highly recommend it to everyone.

  8. Meghna

    I am very happy with the results i am on my 6th sessions and i totally see the difference on my body hair gowth.

  9. Sunita Bagga

    its budget friendly recommendation for all the people who are tired of waxing and looking for permanent hair reduction.

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