SX – 2way Splitter

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  • Easy to use
  • Aimed to increase the signals
  • Silver Color
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The SX – 2way Splitter can be used to split the internal and external antenna signal in booster/amplifier/repeater systems so that two external antennas can be aimed in two different directions, a situation that often arises when your system is shared by users served by different service providers and is also suitable to split internal signals at different places. The SX-2 Way Splitter is particularly suitable in conjunction with mobile amplifier systems where the N-type connector is the universal standard female connector.

The SX-2way Splitter is used in indoor coverage system an allocated average for CDMA/GSM/DCS/3G/4G. The Wide frequency range allows use with single or Multi-Band.

When more gain is required by an external antenna, the SX-2way Splitter can be successfully used to combine four directional antennas aimed in the same direction so that your total gain will increase.

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