SX- Dual Extender Combo (2-Way Splitter + Patch Antenna + Five Mtr. Combo)

5,250.00 2,999.00


  • For use with the Mobile Signal Booster to expand coverage using an additional antenna.
  • Set of an additional Indoor Antenna + 2-Way Splitter + 5 Mtr. Coaxial Cable.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BUILD MATERIAL: Splitter made with virgin aluminium; ABS moulded indoor antenna.
  • ONE-STOP TECHNICAL SUPPORT: You can reach us by call or WhatsApp on +91-9811665715 for any query or help regarding the product or installation.
  • Please don’t order this product if you don’t have booster device/kit.


2-Way Splitter + Additional Indoor Antenna + 5 Mtr. Coaxial Cable combo to enhance extra Signals in ur premises for Mobile Signal Repeater/Booster.

Splitter: 1 Input N Male Connector – 2 Outputs N Female Connector.

Note: This is a combo of additional accessories for mobile Signal Booster Kit, not the complete mobile signal booster kit and if you don’t have already Mobile Signal Booster then this combo is not for you.

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