SX – Panel/Patch Antenna

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  • Works with Booster: This antenna is ideally designed for the usage of 50 Ohm Booster to amplify the signals of the boosting device. This antenna receives all directional signal and amplifies them.
  • Electrical Specifications: Frequency range (700-960/1710-2700 MHz), VSWR (1.5), Gain (7-8 dB), Impedance (50 Ohm), Input power (50W), Lightning Protection (DC Ground).
  • Mechanical Specifications: Net weight (300g), Size (210X 180X 44mm), Operating Temperature (40~60⁰C), Connectors (N-Female), Mounting (Clamp with bolts).
  • Easy & Convenient Installation: This antenna comes with mounting hardware that will allow you to easy and convenient installation against the plane surface like a wall. You can increase your device signals in any part of your home or office. You can easily install it by yourself.


  • Enhance Mobile Signals.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stop dropped calls
  • Fast Data Speed
  • Support Multiple users and Devices
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The SX – Panel/Patch Antenna is extensively demanded now days just because of various applications such as indoor/outdoor signal connectivity. Whenever your Smartphone’s signal not connected properly or creating the surges, so by the SX – Panel/Patch Antenna you can improve the signal quality as well as maximize the transmission signal of the booster and the nearest cellular signal tower or it can connected booster signal room to room and floor to floor with the help of antenna and the cable so that you can stay in touch with your colleagues, family and friends. Besides this, it satisfies the entire requirements of customers.

This antenna with N-Female connectors is ideally used for 50Ω (Ohm) Booster (Amplifier) and its Accessories made from high quality and light-weighted materials, this directional antenna has lightweight & durable weather resist property so not to worry about its quality.

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